Summer is getting into the second half and the moon is coming, an interesting month. Let’s try to look at it from different angles and put some interesting things into context

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What makes the month of Czech SRPEN or AUGUST so interesting, for example, from historical records? How did the name of this month come about? Why did the Slavic peoples adopt the name SRPEN, when a word derived from the noun SICKLE, which was until the middle of the last century the main symbol of the harvest and far more in line with the nature of the moon, what of the season?

I love this month, and not just because I was born in it. I remember with love the harvest, which I have participated in since I was 13, when I spent time in my parents‘ cottage, which we no longer have the opportunity to visit due to greed.

It was a time when I had to get up unusually early for me, after 4 o’clock in the morning, to get on a tractor with a siding, which served as a collective bus to take us to the necessary place, where the bales of straw that the harvesters formed were tied, when they mowed the field. My grandmother always prepared breakfast for me and made sure I didn’t fall asleep.

The return was then secured by a tractor bus and it was not until after 6 pm. Sometimes it was impossible to work when it was raining, because when wet, straw could begin to create a potential focus of self-ignition in the bale if it evaporated. Even without moisture, the bales were quite heavy, so it wasn’t a physically simple job.

What I really enjoyed was the disparate team, often women, from different villages who worked together and always with humor. The younger ones teased us and made fun of us. JZD always took care of hearty snacks and very good lunches. I was dumpling, and when it was tomato, for example, twelve homemade dumplings, the food was prepared by cooks who had other jobs for over a year, no problem. It may seem strange to some, but I enjoyed it. In the three weeks that this harvest took place, I earned an incredible 1,500 CZK net and no one was looking at the fact that I was not 15 years old.

In many places, such earnings were a common monthly income in many professions, such as hairdressing. That’s why August is the month I really love for me. However, this month is also exceptional for other reasons. We know that many nations refer to SRPEN by AUGUST. Although it is taught in primary schools in history or history lessons, this name takes its form, thanks to the Roman emperor named Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus, or Octavian for short.

He gave in 27 BC. new name and proclaimed himself Emperor Augustus. Well, to have his memory forever, he named the eighth month by this name. That is why, wherever Roman power has reached its authority, it is called AUGUST this month. He also died this month in 14 AD. 19 days.

According to Scripture, Daniel’s prophecy, Octavian was in the position of King of the North and, thanks to his political activity and diplomacy, overthrew and overcame the Kingdom of the South for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, to this King of the South, his rival, which was Cleopatra VII. and her husband was Octavian’s rival Marcus Antonius, his distant cousin, so he kept their offspring. His sister Octavia, hence the name of Europe’s most popular car after her, who was Antonio’s first wife, had one offspring, became the guardian of their three children, and their descendants now sit in many governments around the world and are also represented in all royal families. of the world.

Octavian’s arrival was not rosy at all. Everyone hated him, but because he was adopted by his great-uncle Julius Gaius Caesar and was named as his legal successor in Caesar’s will and became the heir to his property, which the Roman Senate did not want to give him, he had to resort to certain moves for the Senate to recognize him. So he distributed part of the inherited property of the people of Rome, agreed with some Senators that he would never become EMPEROR OF ROME, as his great-uncle Julius Ceasar had done, and concluded the so-called second TRIUMVIRATE with Marcus Antony and the third to Marcus Aemilius Lepid.

Lepidus soon after that, because he had ambitions to take Octavian’s troops off the wheel, fell out and ended up in exile in southern Italy, where he was left with the only title used by the popes today, PONTIFEX MAXIMUS. Does anyone think that this Lepidus has anything to do with Christ? About as much as the MOON IN HEAVEN SHARES WITH MARS. But this pattern of popes has much in common with the false worship of various Roman deities. For example, clothing and gold items, rings and crosses.

In order for Octavian to become the future AUGUST, he needed to get on the mare of Mark Antonio. It would be completely better if he committed suicide. He achieved this indirectly by bribing Marcus‘ friends when they began fighting together first at the Greek shores and then in 30 BC. off the shores of Egypt.

A very interesting parallel of both characters, Mark Antony and Octavian, are today’s two characters. And quite by chance, the one is a descendant of Mark Antony. And an even bigger coincidence is that Marcus‘ descendant is still in the position of King of the South, even though he is no longer in office.

Marcus was a whore, a very intelligent whore loved by the people and also the army. And his offspring is also a great whore and many love him and he also has a high intelligence. Who is this man? Donald Trump.

Today’s Octavian is also a person who has the same characteristics, whether there is any blood connection I do not know, but he is also above average intelligent. Each step he has thought of ten moves forward and has in his heart the same goal that Octavian had. BUILD A GLOBAL IMPERIUM WHERE THE LAW WILL APPLY. Coincidentally, or by God’s providence, he is also the King of the North. And it is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Imagine how complicated it would be for Octavian to keep Antonius alive. Egypt was the grain of the Roman Empire. It was not enough, and Antonius could significantly strengthen his influence only by what Cleopatra VII had already done before he got together with her. She gave food to her people at the expense of Rome. This seriously disrupted the economy. Octavian would still have to argue with Marcus, and his plan would be thwarted.

If history repeats itself and I believe so, then today’s King of the North has the same problem as Octavian had. Today’s Egypt (USA) is on its knees. The cereals that Egypt blackmailed Rome into are dollars and the entire monetary system. Russia has already completely detached itself from these cereals. But this does not apply to the rest of the world. As we know, Trump wants to return to power. Coincidentally, he planned it for AUGUST this year. Its cereals are planned by NESARA and GESARA, a change in economic accounting by quantum computers. If this Antonius strengthened us, then not only would the United States become a legitimate country again, but everything would be complicated for today’s Octavian.

Another interesting coincidence is that the real Antonius died for us on the first AUGUST in 30 BC. His wife and crown bearer of King South Cleopatra followed him to the cemetery on the 12th of AUGUST that year. And our current Antonia plan is to sit on the throne after AUGUST 15 this year. If, by chance, this Antonius today had committed suicide by pure chance, albeit a fake one, as the particularly accurate series The Simp´s predicts, then we would have a consensus that is unbelievable, BUT IT WAS ALL JUST A PURE COUNTRY.

Somehow it would disappear from the world, as it happened in 30 BC. King of the South, forever, and that scarlet wild animal could turn red. Whether people are ready for this change, you have to judge for yourself.

In Czech, the word SRPEN is derived from the word SICKLE and this tool is used to harvest crops. So if the crop is already ready for harvest, the sickle could be used for harvest in August, or AUGUST. How I love that month. But as one person wrote today, „I’m a dreamer.“

May the will of our heavenly Father, JeHoVaH God, always happen, and all this to the glory of Christ, in whose name Yehoshua our Father hid his name and his RESCUE. Therefore, please, Father, not as I wish.

Your and Christ’s brother Igi