Part One – TIME PERIODS. Be concerned about governments and ruling groups around the world, because you are being given attention by the Creator of heaven and earth. How do Micah’s words confirm what was revealed to his servants, the prophets?

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Today’s analysis will begin with what Heavenly Father, JeHoVaH of the armies, wrote through the vision of Daniel, a very desirable man who lived under the rule of the Chaldeans, so that in the final part of the days, in the TIME of the END, it may be fulfilled, and you are eyewitnesses of this fulfillment. Yet many do not see, but you will be given to see it.

Please pay attention to the part of Daniel’s vision in order to understand in context the words of Habakkuk found on this site and the words of Micah that follow. Ask our Creator of heaven and earth, in the name of Yehoshua King, to confirm your interpretation:

As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.“ (Dan. 7:12)

As I explained earlier, the whole world must be transformed into a uniform form, with the wild beast of Revelation 13 turning into a one-colored beast, with the other six heads ruled by a single beaten head that is resurrected to life. This is shown in Chapter 17 and refers to this transformation as the GOVERNMENT OF THE LAST KING, THE EIGHTH KING ABOUT HUMANITY. It is an animal that is strewn on its body with blasphemous names, blasphemous promises that promise those who follow this government that a NEW SOCIETY will be established, full of justice, but without influence and submission to Christ and the Creator, heaven and earth.

In order for this to happen, POWER WILL BE DEDUCED BY ALL GOVERNMENTS AND ALL RULING GROUPS !!!! The first to resign was the United Kingdom, which, through Boris Johnson, repealed the fascist measures of „ASYRIA,“ a CORPORATE FASCIST POWER THAT CONTROLLED ALL THE POLICIES OF THE WORLD TO PROMOTE ITS DISCRIMINATION POLICY TOWARDS THE PEOPLE.

The degree of one’s own bloodshed is in the hands of those who do not want to give up their position and their power. Everything will take place very quickly, in such a way that those who still do not seek their Creator and His Justice will go to the EIGHTH KING IN ADMISSION THAT HAS NOT BEEN UNTIL THIS DAY. Why does this happen? Because the SICKNESS of ASYRIA will be revealed, as this fascist corporate power is symbolically indicated in Scripture. Shake out the sold-out politicians, because your wickedness has reached its fullness.

Everything in Scripture is a process, so it may seem to some that nothing is happening. But that’s not the case, beloved brothers and sisters. In order for something to come true, certain steps must first be taken, for which a precise TIME FRAME is set, during which everything that Daniel saw is fulfilled. Therefore, this very desirable man mentions several time periods. Let’s remember them as we find them throughout his book and put them in a precise chronological order. First, in the second chapter, we see the statue that Nebuchadnezzar II saw. in his dream. It announces to us the gradual transformation of human society and shows on the parts of the body how long that part will be.

Timeline on the statue

Head of Gold – Babylonian Empire 609 BC – the defeat of Assyria

Breasts, abdomen and hands made of silver – Medo-Persian Empire 539 BC. – the arms, abdomen and breasts are larger than the head in terms of body proportions, so the time period is longer.

Waist and upper thighs of copper – GREECE 331 BC. It will take about 50 years to fully establish the first two royal lines of the North and South. The background of the human body divides our box into two halves so that everything continues with its feet.

The lower part of the thighs up to the ankles of iron – ROME year 64 BC. Pompey kills the last descendant of the Seleucid branch and wears the crown of the King of the North. Iron is a symbol of hardness and tyranny. The Babylonian whore, the Roman Catholic Church, who anointes the successor, has power over the Kings of the North. Its offshoot, the Orthodox Church by its union with the future King of the North, at the appointed time. Let me explain. To defend the eternal Russia will receive power, to do this to the Soviet Union and, in the end, to Russian President V.V. Putin. The pope himself does this by handing over an angel who defeats all wars on June 10, 2015, three months before the beginning of the END TIME.

Toe-free feet partly made of iron and partly made of clay – USA and its faithful ally Great Britain year 1913 December, period of Christmas holidays. The takeover of national currencies by a private Fed institution, PREPARATION FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF IRON GOVERNMENTS AND THE SO-CALLED DEMOCRATIC ELEMENTS OF THE COMPANY, cannot be combined. Everything culminates in Assyrian corporate power over world politics and the triggered fake pandemic, GLOBAL RESET.

Fingers of iron and clay – a short period of time since December 2020, when the United States is legally repealed by a ruling by the US Supreme Court that federal laws have less legal effect than laws passed by individual Confederate states. Just because someone is waving the US flag doesn’t mean the US exists. This period should last a year or so. Thanks to the understanding of evenings and mornings, we will understand how long this period is. The rise of the Eighth King to power in gradual steps.

A stone, which is not made with hands, hits the statue and turns into a mountain that fills THE WHOLE EARTH – January 2022. The end of the evenings and the morning. The resurrection of the olive trees and their preaching for 40 days fills the Earth with the knowledge of the Coming Kingdom of God who, like a mountain, will rule the whole world. Thus the statue is destroyed and there is no memory left.

2300 evenings and tomorrow

From September 28, 2015 to January 14, 2022 – In the end, everything is brought into the right relationship and this period is associated with the King of the North, who will bring about Global political change. It removes the MANY POWERFUL, that is, the deprivation of power of those fascist puppets who do not want to give up their power. THEREFORE, KNOW THIS UNDERSTANDING TO ALL THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD THAT THEIR END HAS BEEN !!!!! His final power passes to the last phase, which is described as the hour to remove the Great Babylon, but somehow he does not notice that he will kill Christ’s brothers and sisters first. This is because he himself rejects the power of Christ, the coming dominion of Christ.

Why do we know that this period began on September 28, 2015? Because that day, everything changed in the political sky. Otloukánek Russia has become a sovereign country that determines the red line as far as the Assyrian Power can go and where their game ends. That is why this Chaldean King mocks all other nations, as Habakkuk states, because he plans his actions and his policies with a wisdom that no one else has. They wanted to KILL Putin in SWITZERLAND, but they didn’t succeed either.

Established times of nations – 7th times

From 586 BC. until 1934in the book you will find here, I had to conceal the fulfillment of this period until the Father confirms certain events so that you can see them without distortion. She had to fulfill the wickedness of the last bowl in Matthew 13:33 and prove that she was unworthy to represent HEAVENLY FATHER HERE ON EARTH, EVEN WEARING HIS NAME. She completed her wickedness by not warning her sheep of being tagged, but looking forward to being tagged so that they could meet again.

The temple, which was built by Solomon in 1004 BC, became a symbol of the POWER OF HEAVEN VOJSK, who was represented by the ark of the covenant and the temple, as well as by the rulers of the lineage of David. The second temple revealed the POWER of our CREATOR, but it did not contain a throne, the ark of the covenant, which is still hidden in Jeremiah’s cave under a hill called the Skull, under Golgotha ​​in Jerusalem. The olive trees will carry it out after their resurrection, so that everything can be restored to its proper condition.


It is a symbol of the throne and power of the Father himself, and it is a place of reconciliation, where Christ’s blood flowed with water to meet the RIGHT, JUSTICE, and MERCURY on the lid of the chest, so they witness BLOOD, WATER, AND SPIRIT, because the water that filled Christ’s lungs and after Longimanus, the centurion of Rome, had pierced him, blood and water could be poured so that his blood droplets could flow to the lid of the ark and man be reconciled to Heavenly Father, because by doing so, Christ restored what he never stole, restored hope of eternal life to those what will be resurrected.

Times of the nations, seven times is the time when the nations could go their own way. When the covenant with the carnal Israel was canceled exactly according to the next period of time, which we will explain in a moment. Its duration was exactly 2520 years. Why until then? Because it is only since 1934 that the Father’s name has been announced again to all nations. None of you can say that those who testified to the Father’s name did not knock on him. Even his Holy Name was announced in countries where there was a strict ban on teaching anything other than the faith of government satanic propaganda.

However, Satan was allowed to fully control the house that did this, so that his idol RULED OVER THEIR FAITH, and so those whom the Father chose for the TIME OF END became invisible to this corrupt world, and the only one who knew about them was Satan and his demons. Thus they did not know those who were to have them as their brothers as they really were, and they attributed their problems to corruption and did not judge them fairly, because they looked at what appeared to human eyes, to human eyes, just as Job’s comforters did. May it be forgiven you brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus, because we have in our hearts the true will of the Father, that none of you may perish, but that you may come to understand the Truth and attain repentance. Through our desire, the MILESTONY is already CRYSTALLY SCREAMING OVER THE COURT, so we call Abba, Father, in your favor. Ask the Father for wisdom and mercy to lead you out of the BABYLON RESIDENCES and let us go up to Jehovah’s mountain, as Micah and Isaiah declare. How to do it can be found here.

Read from the first challenge to the last so that you do not run out of understanding, because these things are written under the guidance of the Father’s spirit and are not human thoughts. Let us draw our attention to WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS TO CHURCHES and first seek OTC’S JUSTICE and the interests of his Kingdom, so that everything may be added to us in order to stand before the eyes of our heavenly Father, JeHoVaH OF God!

Let us stop judging those whom the Father has chosen, but let us rejoice in choosing them. What is not written ?:

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.“ (Dan. 12:3)

Established time

From 1934 to September 28, 2015 – Adolf Hitler, the first great visible representative of the Assyrian corporate fascist power, spoke at the Nuremberg Stadium in 1934 that he would destroy those who knew the Father by name and exterminate them all in the territory of his empire! He stripped them of their property and began to pursue them. The Jews were under the protection of Haavar at that time, and their persecution came only after the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses began. Dear politicians and dear brothers and sisters in the houses of Babylon do not teach you this, because it hides the main reason for Satan’s wrath, which he did not want and does not want you to know your Creator by name.

Who of you knows that it was enough to sign an ordinary paper, an ordinary declaration of renunciation of your faith in our Creator, and everything was immediately terminated !!!! Which one of you knows? In order for this persecution to be triggered, two things had to be accomplished. First, the apostate Church of Rome had to agree with Hitler to persecute, and second, there had to be a visible reason Hitler could defend himself. The reason was the letters that overwhelmed him, as well as the letters that overwhelmed the Putin administration so that the sheep would not leave the house of Jehovah’s Witnesses on a large scale, because the so-called Head of the Church had received information. It was not given by the Spirit, but by an article from 2015.

The leading congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses received all the evidence in the 1970s to change the doctrine of 1914, but the wickedness of Satan’s puppets inside, NOT EVERYONE THERE WERE PUPPETS, did not allow this house to be repaired. But the Father knew this, so he allowed the wickedness to be spoken of abusively among the nations for the deeds of pedophilia and other things of this house, so that those he chose would be taught what idolatry is and what it is to go after thoughts and spiritual food. , which is not prepared by Christ by giving from secret mana, but which is prepared by people who play Christ’s disciples and build a paradise for themselves on earth at a time when that paradise is not coming.

Loosen your shackles AND REVEAL EVERY SHARFNESS TO YOUR SHEEP !!!! Repent of your evil deeds !!! ”It is the statement of Jehovah himself, brothers and sisters. Should she die only because the prophecies have been fulfilled? And you will not keep these words to yourself and you will announce them in your meetings and put them to the ears of your shepherds, because so did the very mouth of Jehovah our God.

The significance of the appointed time was therefore to announce to the peoples of the Earth that the heavenly Father, JEHOVAH, is the only sovereign over all CREATION !!!

1290 days and 1335 days

We are currently experiencing these days and it is one period divided by 1290 days, to which 45 days are added. It all ends in the evenings and mornings when they are full.

7 weeks of years divided into 7 weeks, 63 weeks and the crunch of time 7 seven weeks of years

The first 7 weeks of years is a period that refers to a total period of 69 weeks. It’s all calculated according to the rules day after year, day after year. It is a period of 49 years from 455 BC. when Artaxerxes Longimanus, ruler of the Medo-Persian Empire, issued an order to repair the walls of Jerusalem. Therefore, the centurion was called Longimanus (long-hands) to pierce Christ with his spear, to symbolically end the whole prophecy of 490 years.

During these 49 years, Jerusalem regained its beauty before its destruction. Everything took place in distress, because the surrounding nations were jealous and hindered the completion of Jerusalem in every possible way.

69 weeks lasted from 455 BC to autumn 29 AD.

The last week of years, when the sacrifice and the Messiah, or Christ, will be killed in the middle, took exactly 7 years. For 3.5 years, Christ preached publicly, then was killed, and for another 3.5 years, the NEW TREATY, which replaced the old, obsolete one from the days of Moses, was maintained for Jacob’s descendants for 3.5 years. This ended in the autumn of 36 AD, when he was accepted into the ranks of Christians by Peter Cornelius, again a soldier of the Roman Empire.

For today, I would end this writing because it is meant to serve mainly one man who must understand what time we live in and why he should listen not to the INTERNAL JUSTICE, but to the guidance of the Father’s Spirit, for his task for which he was chosen. Let us all pray in his favor that he may be strong and know that the Father’s hand itself is behind him. That everything that had happened to him in his life was no accident. You will soon know who I am talking about.

Please spread this word in your churches brothers and sisters, among yourself, because it is the will of our heavenly Father and his Son Yehoshua. May you have everything beyond them.

Your and Christ’s brother Igi