Do you know anyone who would eat graphite on their own? Has anyone ever fed you graphite and told you how healthy it is? If not, then you should be very interested in this article. Why? Because something has changed and you yourself think in common sense whether it is not to the detriment of man.

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Many of you have heard of GRAPHENE, a substance found in those miraculous preparations against ANY 19. Let’s try to look at this substance a little differently than the scientific community, which has found that this Graphene is present in vaccination. May my explanation be understood by the children as well, and may the Creator of heaven and earth, JEHOVAH God, help me in the name of Yehoshua the King and Christ.

For an overall understanding, I will use various illustrations that will be understood by children in the 4th grade of primary school. Let’s imagine that we have a Lega kit. It is a large kit and in it we find building blocks of many colors. Some are small and others long, as we know them in Lego. Each cube has protrusions at the top, these are the keys. And inside the cube is a lock into which the key is inserted. That’s why they can hold the cubes together if we put them together correctly with a lock and a key. Then, when we want to separate them again, we must exert a certain force so that the cubes disengage.

Each color represents one specific element that we know from nature. The pencil is black, so we choose black cubes. Every single cube is one atom. In order for atoms to hold together, they must have a system of keys and locks. If an atom is separately separated from other atoms, it always has the same number of locks and keys inside and outside, which are called electrons and protons. The keys are electrons and have a so-called negative value. The locks are protons and are hidden inside the cube and they have a positive value.

If we take a magnet, we know that two magnets suddenly pull together and at other times repel each other. If they are tightened, they will connect, even though they have no visible key and lock. If they are weak magnets, they can be easily separated from each other, if they are strong, then it is sometimes very strenuous. In chemistry, this is called chemical bonding. These are also solid or weak. If they are weak, then the substance from a certain element dissolves easily, for example in water. It’s like putting a little sugar in the water and the sugar is suddenly lost, but the water is suddenly sweet when you drink it, but we don’t see any sugar there.

What happens when we do this with graphite? The graphite also gradually begins to dissolve and the water over time turns black. But it’s not like that sugar. So we know that the chemical bond of the graphite is strong.

In order to see the graphite, we need to have more atoms, ie Lega cubes, more than the population in the whole of the Czech Republic, for example. The cubes are so small that it is very problematic to see them with the best microscope. We often see that many cubes form a certain structure. This is called a crystal lattice. These grids create the same shapes, with each atom in such a grating lying exactly where it should lie.

Imagine that we attach a lock of another cube to the cube’s key, and when the cube looks like a Lego cube that has two rows of keys with six keys on each side. We can attach other locks by placing the first cube at the bottom and connecting the other two dice with locks and keys to the two extreme keys and we get the letter V. Then we take another 4 dice and put these four dice aside on the remaining 8 keys and we already have ship. And when we add more dice, we put the same dice up, which strengthens the boat in the middle, so that the extreme dice do not break easily and we can add more dice to the other free keys, in the end we build something big. This is exactly how visible matter is formed.

Graphite is special in that it forms plates. Imagine that we buy a hard cheese that is already sliced, but if we want to remove one slice, it happens that the slice tears. And so it behaves slice of graphite. That’s why we can write with it, because several slices at once tear off and leave a mark on the paper in the shape of, for example, a letter.

What we know is that the electrons, the keys, form the so-called atomic shell. Imagine it as the sun, which is a sphere and planets orbit it. These orbits are called spin. This is not so important and only a precisely given number of electrons can orbit in each orbit, as planets do. In order for the suns to coalesce into a structure and form a cluster, a crystal lattice, they must get rid of certain planets. Thus the suns become positively charged atoms and this is called positive ions.

How will this happen? It is as if two atoms have to collide, which will release the electrons, the planets, from the collision of that one atom. The more one atom releases, the closer the two atoms get closer. Because a large amount of energy is released, it has been found that by combining, or synthesizing, we obtain more energy than by fission.

So the two atoms join together like two magnets and stick together. But there are other atoms around and they briefly take the released electrons into their orbit, so the atom becomes a negative ion and it looks for who has extra protons and these are the two connected atoms together and so they join them and become with so-called neutral elements, neither positive nor negative. They will do so until they form a crystal lattice that always has the same shape. In the case of graphite, this is done by combining six carbons at a time to form a hexagram. It looks something like this:


C           C

C           C


This is the basic structure of graphite, it is called graphene. If we had only 6 of these balls, we would find exactly this. But we wouldn’t see them. For example, if we had 60,000 of those balls, we could spread them out like a rug and create this:

I downloaded the image from Wikipedia here. But we don’t want a carpet for us, we want it to be visible. So we have to cut the carpet into sheets of the same size and stack them on top of each other. So we get this:

This image is from the same source. And very wise men, scientists who have mastered nanotechnology, where they can play with atoms of given elements like with Lego, have found that the ideal is to take sixty of these carbon atoms, 60 cubes and create a sphere. They succeeded and created this:

We know that graphite is very soft. This is very logical, because one slice is so thin that it can be easily torn. But when you create this:

It will become harder than Titan. The images are still from the same source. And if you master the technology that you can play with atoms like Lego, you can make a graphene rug that will be like wrapping paper for Christmas presents and you can get it back in the shape of a ball, where there will be enough space in the middle to hide some surprises, some gift. The properties of this substance are fascinating. Why? Resistant to high temperatures. It is sufficiently stable and electrically negative. So the gift that is hidden in this package is not affected by the environment, or the electromagnetic field. So the gift may be some electromagnetic information that you put on the right carrier.

You seniors will remember the tape, which also stored electromagnetic information, which the right device, here it was a magnetic head, it could read and we could listen to, for example, Judas Priest, their songs that your parents did not like.

But we see the tape here, right? So it was a lot of atoms, a lot of cubes. It’s different here. Here, a hollow sphere is created to fit 4 artificial substances, similar to the ones we have in our cells, and we load information into them that our cells can read. Because the electromagnetic field would quickly destroy this information, it is necessary to suppress the influence of the environment. Why 4 different substances like that tape? To ensure that the message is 100% forwarded.

Why is oxide, or oxygen, its atoms added to this graphene? You have to open the graphene package somehow in that cell. And oxygen is one of the basic foods of cells. So when the cell removes it, the wrapper, the big ball that hides the gift, opens and the cell reads the message because it has been communicating like this for a long time. And he starts doing what the gift maker wants. He starts making Spike proteins from those so-called tapes where the information was. So we have solved two problems. First, to get the information where we need it. Secondly, so that the cell can’t claim that it doesn’t have enough material, the creators give it a nice gift and have 100% certainty that the cell will start producing those Spike proteins that are not beneficial to the body and save the information and pass it on to other cells.

The body attacks the infected cells and the graphene envelope stretches around the cells he visited. And guess where the graphene gets first? To the lungs and to the pump, which distributes blood throughout the body, that is, to the heart. And doctors are terribly surprised that patients have trouble breathing and that they have inflammation of the heart muscle.

WHY DO THE CREATORS DO NOT WANT THESE GIFTS TO BE TREATED WITH IVERMECTIN? Because if you have it in your body, in the bloodstream, the graphene package will open before it gets into the cells, and that will destroy the information they recorded on the four tapes. I do not intentionally burden you with the professional names of these carriers.

The goal of these creators is not to protect you, but to kill you with your own immune system, and Ivermectin and other effective drugs based on this destroy and unwrap the gifts before you get them into the cells.

Graphene is very toxic and has other side effects, as well as graphite, which you have NEVER eaten and nobody has ever told you HOW GOOD IT SHOULD BE FOR YOUR BODY.

It is already clear enough. JEHOVAH God will soon be tidying up these scumbags, don’t worry. You can find more in my other articles.

Let us praise Jah, our Creator, in the name of Yehoshua Christ, because he gives understanding to the hidden things of those who truly seek Him. Let us praise Yehoshua because he is coming to finally make order on Earth.

Your and Christ’s brother Igi.