What is FAITH and what is RELIGION? An important question for the END TIME. Without its proper understanding, man will always be under the strong influence of other people, but less the CREATOR of heaven and earth. Only religiously immaculate, faithful followers of Christ receive the full attention of the Creator and initiation into the spiritual depths.

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Why this very thought, and why am I being led by the Spirit to speak about it? In one day, two things happened, each very important to this consideration. He who understands it correctly will REALLY LEAVE the GREAT BABYLON THAT RULES OVER US THROUGH RELIGION.

My own children sometimes blame me for being a religious fanatic, for being irrational because I believe and none of what I say has happened. The son, so he is so distinct in this opinion that he even asks me and sets the conditions for how and what I can talk to him about, and if I do not agree, then he will not associate with me and will not communicate.

It’s hard for me to talk about it in public, but if I don’t mention these things openly, many won’t understand what Heavenly Father teaches me and why he admits it. Like any loving father who loves his children, I never want them to be harmed just because they can’t see something, but I do.

Yesterday, the synthesizer came to me again after a 3-month break and wrote to me, I’ll take it abbreviated that I’m not a guy, that I’m just making excuses, I can’t admit my mistakes and that I actually ruined his life because I forced him to go to church as a child. Jehovah’s Witnesses. I understand his reasoning today, because he has never received the FAITH, which is a GIFT that is given to WHO REALLY SEEKS FIRST THE FATHER JUSTICE AND INTERESTS OF THE KINGDOM, and who truly believes that everything else will be added to him.

What did my poor children see at these gatherings? Many hypocrisies and love of the FILIA, when loved can only be one who follows the rules set by man. Because I was in this religion for 16 years, and at that time I did not yet understand everything, and my eyes were not opened as they are to me today, I tried to keep certain things in good faith, because they seemed like a good protection, not only for me, but of course also for my children.

What do not want my children, INCLUDING THE YOUNG BOY, to see that the fact that I was part of this religious house ensured, for example, that I wasted my time by exchanging our time together for the money I could go to earn in South America, and we could see each other for a few days in the few years I would spend abroad.

Would I do many things today differently than when they were under my authority? Definitely yes. Did I make mistakes?
Write that down, yes.

One of my daughters once rebuked me and made a true accusation that as a child under my authority she had the FEAR THAT HEAVENLY FATHER, JEHOVAH, IS A GOD OF ONE PARTY, who saves only those who are in the right shed. The teaching of religious houses is truly Satanic in this regard. She was still afraid that her other relatives, whom she loved so much, would be destroyed just because they were not part of the one „right house.“ This is also one of the great reasons why they do not believe today what the Scriptures reveal, THAT INIGUITY WILL NOT BE HERE FOREVER!!! If I had known their feelings then, I would have thought about the pernicious idea.

The biggest problem with Jehovah’s Witnesses has always been that they have pushed the idea that ARMAGEDON would come tomorrow. This was heard at every meeting, and everyone wanted it to happen. Of course, this urgency also affected me. What did it lead to? That I did not wait for my Creator and did not want to understand his WISDOM AND HIS PLAN UNTIL THE REAL TIME OF THE END. Why? Because I did not ask Him directly in Yehoshua’s name. I have paid dearly for this mistake many times. And it bears fruit right now that the real TIME OF THE END has come, but my own children no longer want to see it because they no longer want to live in fear that Heavenly Father will take away those they love.

The natural defense is their ridicule and their distrust of me. Did Satan succeed in dividing those who should be closest? Definitely yes. When I ended up homeless, I had a prophetic dream at the time that I did not fully understand, but I understood one thing right away. It showed me how to die. Nevertheless, I immediately came to life, as if I had not even gone through the death of wicked people. When I was put on my feet, something like a gate on earth appeared in front of me, not in heaven, as they like to learn in other religious houses.

When I came to her, suddenly my ex-wife and my three children were there. We went through that gate together. The air was so saturated with AGAPE that I could feel it with every breath, even though there were a few dead bodies around us, yet many living things could be seen in the distance. Then I was given by the Spirit to understand what was seen: „IF YOU KEEP YOUR FAITH FULNESS, Do not worry about household. „.

Was I faithful at the time I became homeless? No. I touched the unclean. I got divorced, even though I was supposed to stay. Nevertheless, I was notified of this. What was my righteousness counted for me? It was a faith I received as a GIFT AND I NEVER DOUBTED, that it is a SURE EXPECTATION OF THINGS, WHERE’S HOPE, Clear evidence FACTORS, IF EVERYTHING CANNOT BE SEEN. Who doesn’t see it? Those who did not receive such a gift. Then it began to be revealed to me what Job’s test was and why I had to lose everything, so that in the end even those I love could sell me to executors.

Explain this to children who have never had the Gift of Faith. It is not possible. They will always judge many things only physically. Why? Because Satan blessed them financially, he gave them social empowerment and the belief that everyone could have that success. Are these my children really happy? No, they are not, and their anger stems from the fact that I have tried to persuade them to ask for the Gift of Faith. If I fail, they are lost too. If I don’t fail, they WILL BE SAVED. WHETHER DOING ANYTHING, because sin crouches at the entrance and they control it? They can see all the wickedness of this world around them, but until they see the resurrection, so they won’t believe the meeting in front of that gate, and they’ll think I’m crazy, a religious fanatic, a conspirator.

Can I be angry with them? May it never happen. We all know who we have read the Scripture, the story of David, the second king of Israel. He sinned with Bathsheba, with whom he had an illegal affair. One of the punishments was that his beloved son Absalom would do to him, what he did in secret. When this happened, David longed, so that Absalom would not be harmed. Why? Because he knew that it came from Jehovah’s hand and at his instigation. But few realize that he did not know that Satan had asked all this to break David’s faithfulness. Reading Scripture with understanding is about the Father allowing us to connect the seemingly incompatible. This is the story of Job and David.

The first two chapters reveal Job and it is in one of my older articles that I explain what is happening on a spiritual level, that it is Satan who still requires some proof that we are wholeheartedly on the Father’s side. He claims that we do not do it out of the love of AGAPE, but to have a material blessing. Because he is no fool, but really very wise in his steps, he seeks our weaknesses. For him, it’s a fight with an opponent he needs to defeat, at all costs. And David was such an opponent.

All the days of Satan, David killed his descendants of the sons of Anak, the glorious mighty men, giants like Goliath. He knew very well that the giants David had defeated his FAITH, HIS TRUST IN JEHOVAH GOD, because he would never as a man could stand. That is why David is so exalted throughout Scripture, as are Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Daniel, Noah, and Abraham. Like Job.

David shows us how Heavenly Father thinks of us, his human children, how much he wants no one to perish just because he has done wrong because Satan has deceived him. That is why David longed when Absalom acted in this way, when he opposed his own father to save him, even though Absalom acted wickedly and broke one of the most important commandments given to children.
whit a promise the blessings that children prosper
The commandment is:


Even though David should ask Heavenly Father to throw the first stone to cut off such a thing from Israel, he did not want to do so and was looking for another way to avoid doing so. NOT THAT he stood against the HEAVENLY FATHER and ITS LAW, but because it happened for his sin and Absalom was only used by Satan for this wickedness. It is the same with my son’s opposition to my sin, which I have done to be fully tested in the sight of my God and Satan.

But what does this boy of mine not understand? That the real AGAPE is not bought under any conditions and that it cannot have its respect for me, which should flow from nature, it will somehow compel condition for example, by not telling him when I see a danger that there is no danger because he does not want to hear it. He has the opportunity to go his own way and he has the opportunity to learn from his mistakes, just as I had to learn from them. This does not mean that I will stop loving Him as a true gift from Jehovah, as his name implies.

And I have no problem listening to him at all and meet. Just as David was willing to do for Absalom. He did not love him with the monkey love of many mothers, who allow their sons everything, only to not lose them. Because the topic is what is FAITH and what is RELIGION, let’s move on to the second thing I saw yesterday and why I have to bring my privacy to light here.

One sister wrote somewhere on FB that Satan is always trying to destroy our faith in Jesus. If he succeeds, he won. I’m just shortening the thought. I was immediately led by the Spirit to respond, but because it was in some FB group where I didn’t have a membership,
I sent my sister which forwarded post, this answer:

„I’d like to ask that sister one question. „Does Satan need to destroy someone’s faith in Jesus Christ?I think not. Why? Because Satan is only interested in such believers if he wants to prove to them that they are chosen by Christ. Why does he want to prove it? Because he has them where he wants them. Under the teachings of men.

If a sister correctly understood Christ’s statement from John 6: 44.45 ,:

No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.45It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of יהוה (JeHoVaH). Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.

she would never have written it. Satan needs us not to have a relationship with the Father. Why? Because the only one leads to Christ and when? When He Himself teaches him:

Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as יהוה (JeHoVaH) gave to every man? 6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but יהוה (not Christ, but the Father – JeHoVa-h) gave the increase.“ (1 Cor. 3: 5,6; Jer. 31: 33,34).

As little as Satan needed to deceive people, he instituted false teachings and idolatry. And the blind sheep praise it as the Truth because they think they have faith.

But FAITH, THE TRUE FAITH IS A GIFT that the Father gives only to those who are truly seeking him and want to be taught by him. Who respects not only the Son but also Him. Who has respect for the Holy Name of the Father.

Then they that feared יהוה (JeHoVaH) spake often one to another: and יהוה (JeHoVaH) hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared יהוה (JeHoVaH), and that thought upon his name. 17 And they shall be mine, saith יהוה (JeHoVaH) of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. 18 Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.“ (Malachi 3: 16-18)

How sad that no one wants to understand this. That they say the Father in all sorts of ways not to His Name, and yet they think they have faith. No! They have no faith. They only have RELIGION!!!! „(End of my answer)

When are we sure that our FAITH is a GIFT FROM JEHOVAH MILITARY? Then, when He Himself answers our prayers, when He Himself listens to them, because we inquire of Him, with all our heart, with all our mind, and with all our strength. Everything else is only about a person’s religious views and it doesn’t matter if someone wears the jersey of this or that sect, the religious house.

Can my children understand what I am trying to tell them? NO, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ASKING TO THE CREATOR ALONE, JEHOVAH GOD. Can you also believe what I wrote? Not if YOU don’t start asking and start REQUEST that you be given the GIFT OF FAITH. Satan, in turn, deceived everyone by explaining faith as something we think, but not as something What is needed to receive as a gift of God.

At the same time, it is said and it is a true statement:

To think means to know NOTHING!

May the Father himself show you this before everything erupts with such force that we cannot stand without this gift.


Your and Christ’s brother Igi.