What a significant and exceptional conflict Russia’s intervention in Syria has become. Let’s look at an embedded image that speaks clearly and should be clear evidence that the seasons and the morning are fulfilling according to the prophecy of Daniel 8:14

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further please verse Daniel 8:27

When I looked at Wikipedia today, because I was warned yesterday that the entry of King North’s troops into the Syrian conflict did not occur until September 30, 2015 and not September 28, 2015, when it was announced at the UN that Russia is entering this Syrian government. conflict, I had to ask the Father, יהוה JEHOVAH God, again, whether my understanding is correct and whether I should not postpone the beginning of the END TIME by two days, I received this clear answer.

Russian military intervention in the Syrian civil war

So I have to clarify again a deep detail that I have not seen and I thank the Father for giving me brothers and sisters who do not bluntly believe my statements, but are WATCHING HERE AND THERE so that True Understanding may abound. So I must apologize to those whom I inadvertently misled by considering the announcement to be the beginning of the END TIME, but it is really the entry.

From holiday to holiday

Heavenly Father JEHOVAH, however, God intervened in these matters by giving Xerxes I the wife of Esther, who, by exposing her own life, revealed Satan’s plan through Haman. Today, the symbolic Esther is a people who also voluntarily put their lives in danger by exposing Satan’s deception of his CORPORATE FACIST MAFIA, which was to destroy the bodies of those who love the Father’s JUSTICE and JUSTICE, those who seek the interests of the kingdom of God.

The Jewish holiday of stalls, which began on September 28, 2015, lasts seven days, and from the evening of September 30, 2015, Russian troops were in place to begin fulfilling the prophecies of the evenings and mornings that evening. Thanks to the examination of his brother, who subjected what I published about this period to his own research, he revealed that January 16, 2022, after sunset, is the Jewish holiday of the first almond blossoms, which is reminiscent of the RESCUE FROM HAMAN’S HAND. The end of the evenings and the morning will occur not on 14.01.2022, but at sunset on 16.01.2022. Exactly FROM HOLIDAY TO HOLIDAY.

By someone unknowingly inserting a countdown of days since troops entered the Syrian conflict in a Wikipedia article, this clarification could be revealed. Consider for yourself how big a coincidence it would be if you were in 546 BC. they were to determine a period of time of 2300 days to be filled exactly from holiday to holiday, when such a holiday did not yet exist and was instituted about 60 years later for events of which the prophet Daniel had no idea.

What does this tell us about Heavenly Father Himself? THAT WE ARE ORDER AND THAT HE HAS EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER. Therefore, he can reveal to his servants, the prophets, in the TIME OF END the mystery of times and times, in order to fulfill his word:

Surely the Sovereign יהוה (JeHoVaH) will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.8The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Sovereign יהוה (JeHoVaH) hath spoken, who can but prophesy?“ (Amos 3:7,8)

So should I keep quiet? Which of the prophets has ever been silent? Let us remember the command and not stumble upon the truth, which is not written, seek God and love him with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength. In prayer, inquire of God and not of man, so you will manifest the faith that Christ seeks. Idolatry is the worship of creation and not the Creator, and this is a very serious thing that leads to death. I show the direction, think about it. History often repeats itself and serves us as a lesson. Each prophet just passes on what he received. God does not want to destroy anyone, but how to deal with those who change the good news of the kingdom, teach about unbiblical premature ecstasy, or create sects and aggressively promote a flat earth. The good news is not about the flat earth, nor the premature ecstasy, nor the observance of the Sabbath.

To whom do we want to trust, to those who mislead those to whom they present human interpretation as doctrine, do not point in their works to God, do not know the Creator or their Father by name? The Son of God will be like Christ, he will be clothed in him, he will defend his Father, he will become the center of his teaching, he will exhort others to his respect and lead to prayers to God and not to be created. Isn’t the worship of anyone but Jehovah God idolatry?

Should you trust those who claim to be uninspired on their sites, in their publications, and forbid you to search for your heavenly Father alone? Are these not manifestations of idolatry? After all, procrastination is no longer loved. Only 167 days from August 2, 2021, and everything will change for humanity as the prophets and servants of the True God, JeHoVaH troops, when they stoned, sawed with saws, lit them like street lamps, and so on.

Let us lift our heads and rejoice in what our heavenly Father is doing, because we see that our deliverance is near. Praise does not belong to those who have been given understanding, praise belongs to the Father and the Son. Without them, not even a leaf on a tree would move. Let us praise Jah, let us praise the horn of our salvation, which is Christ.

Your and Christ’s brother Igi.