He has today’s experience. Message to the Supreme Administrative Court and the courts that decided to lift respirators and drapes. Doctors are not able to defend medically, COVERING THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM !!!!

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Today I was to end my sick leave in My Outpatient Clinic, where I have a doctor attending. I asked the attending physician to write to me in my medical records that COVERING THE UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT INCOMES AND CAUSES HEALTH PROBLEMS. That I ask her to confirm this to me in writing. Her reaction was as follows:

By no means will I give you such confirmation, because there is a ministry decree!„. That’s why I asked her to explain everything to me medically. Again, the same answer that there is a decree, a regulation. That I have to have a medical diagnosis. So I asked which one? That I have to be treated on my lungs. Are you serious?

No medical argument, how terribly it helps me when I’m suffocating by covering MOUTH and NOSE. I made it clear to her who I was and that she was violating the Hippocratic Oath. I told her:


She started kicking me out of the office. NO, ABSOLUTELY NO ARGUMENT HOW BENEFICIAL FOR MY HEALTH. Adam Vojtěch and his friends will order something, and you doctors will listen to him like a dumb herd only because it was issued by someone in office, ALSO IT IS ALL IN DIRECT CONFLICT WITH WHAT THEY Taught YOU FOR OUR MONEY? Why is the ambulance service the first to report when an ACCIDENT IS THAT THIS MAN HAS A FREE RESPIRATORY TRACT?

How is it that the man who is pushing for it today, Adam Vojtěch, made it clear in parliament in January 2020 that he did not protect the veils? I still have the video.

The Supreme Administrative Court asked on the basis of what studies this was then claimed and today is being stated to the contrary? Does the Supreme Administrative Court need a study on the ineffectiveness of drapes and respirators? Give me the address where I should send it to you so that these people do not cheat on you and lie to you.

I ask you, and not for the first time, Mr. Adam Vojtěch: „WHAT DO THE FASCIST CORPORATE LOBBY HAVE YOU IN CHESS?

Do you really think that you will stand before the Creator of heaven and earth, JeHoVaH God, whom we represent here on earth, TOGETHER 144,000 BROTHERS, in the name of Yehoshua Christ?

Immediately bear testimony and reveal what they have in your hand, you will not escape the wrath of the people, I inform you as if Jehovah God exists, but you can still receive Vojtěch’s life through repentance. Do you know when the Corporate Fascist Power will be removed? Will it be tomorrow? In a month, in 14 days? I know TIMES AND PERIOD, because Heavenly Father revealed them to me, but you, Adalbert, what do you know about them?

And I am telling you, the Judges of the Supreme Administrative Court, to adhere to JUSTICE and JUSTICE, BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT THE MINISTRY AND THE PEOPLE WHO REPRESENT IT. The Father will also judge you very soon, so stop bending LAW AND JUSTICE. OUR CONSTITUTION IS CLEARLY DEFINED AND ALSO INTERNATIONAL COMMITMENTS, so you have something to lean on. Otherwise you will be condemned by your unjust decision and you will have to suffer punishment.

And I tell you doctors that you are participating in the LARGEST GENOCID THIS WORLD HAS EVER EXPERIENCED. You have promised to PROTECT YOUR LIVES AND NOT PARTICIPATE IN EXPERIMENTS ON PEOPLE. Just as the Nazi doctors did not escape punishment in Germany, so you will not escape, because it is not about human JUSTICE, but about the Court according to the LAW and JUSTICE of THE WHO CREATED LIFE.

Should he die only because someone has been deceived by being taught that Jehovah God does not exist and that Christ is not coming? Don’t those who pay all this sacrifice children to Satan and not just children? Are they really that stupid when they can buy you and have they been convicted of these things for a long time?

Have I not revealed to you, the servants of the system, these facts on the basis of Scripture for 6 years, on its more than 2,000 years of prophecies, that what is happening is not a coincidence? If NO, then in what I have now written the LIE, if YES, then finally change it and repent, BECAUSE THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS APPROACHED !!!

Christ’s brother Igi