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Why was this site created? To help readers understand what time we are in, to find our Creator and to form a personal relationship with him without religious dogmas, so that He alone will instruct us in the name of Yehoshua Christ.

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Revolution from Prague. Coincidence or is it going according to plan? The US State Department has issued a statement that all US citizens are to leave the Russian Federation immediately. When are such announcements announced?

Let's start with that statement. Embassies under foreign ministries issue such announcements when the intelligence services of the country in question determine that there will be such a deterioration of the situation that could affect their own….

The case of Ivan Smetana and Alois Hlásenský. What is LAWLESSNESS? We act lawlessly, then due to the perfect sense of LAW and JUSTICE of the CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, יהוה (YHVH = JeHoVaH = read Jehovah) our actions will be judged, gentlemen and ladies, prosecutors, judges, police officers and politicians.

I promised to write about these people in my own time, why they are not on the list that some activist invented to put the names of so-called disinformers. Today the cup of patience from….

WHAT IS THE TRUTH? Why do many stumble over a misunderstanding of the meaning of this word? We will show with concrete examples what this word really means in the Scriptures and how today's understanding of the so-called "truth" reveals that this world is secretly ruled by the OPPONENT OF THIS TRUTH.

The truth is that without access to oxygen we perish within minutes. The truth is that if we don't learn to swim, we will drown in deep water without help. The truth is that….

This is how Mikhail Gorbachev, one of the most important figures of the end of the last century, died. An important figure for the fulfillment of the prophecy about the beaten head. Next, we will look at new information regarding the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia and how it is with the greendeal in reality, why they started promoting it and we will say something about the movie Matrix, which became a programming video, how it really is with the white rabbit that as Neo we have to watch.

These are again three topics that at first glance are not related at all, but as we will show further, these topics are connected by one important line. Let's first remember the movie Matrix itself, which….