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Toto je pravděpodobně poslední příspěvek, kterým bych se chtěl rozloučit. Chci Milanovi poděkovat za dlouholetou spolupráci. Mnozí se mne dotazují, zda budu někde psát dále. Abych po pravdě řekl: „ZATÍM….

Je to na grcanie. Takto se v dnešní Infovojně vyjádřil Doktor práv Štefan Harabin, který zastupuje NEZÁKONNĚ STÍHANÉ OSOBY, které fašistická policie SR zadržela v Piešťanoch v Lídli, protože si nezakryli horní dýchací cesty na základě nulitní vyhlášky hlavního hygienika pana Mikasa.

Dejte prosím na vědomí těmto osobám Majoru Magistru Miroslavu Kulichovi, pracovníku policejního sboru SR, prokurátorce Soňi Struhárové, pracující na Okresné prokuratúre Piešťany, Vážska 28, 921 01 Piešťany, Slovenská republika a….

Do you know anyone who would eat graphite on their own? Has anyone ever fed you graphite and told you how healthy it is? If not, then you should be very interested in this article. Why? Because something has changed and you yourself think in common sense whether it is not to the detriment of man.

Many of you have heard of GRAPHENE, a substance found in those miraculous preparations against ANY 19. Let’s try to look at this substance a little differently than the scientific….

What is FAITH and what is RELIGION? An important question for the END TIME. Without its proper understanding, man will always be under the strong influence of other people, but less the CREATOR of heaven and earth. Only religiously immaculate, faithful followers of Christ receive the full attention of the Creator and initiation into the spiritual depths.

Why this very thought, and why am I being led by the Spirit to speak about it? In one day, two things happened, each very important to this consideration. He….

The second part – IT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FINAL PART OF THE DAYS. Be concerned about governments and ruling groups around the world, because you are being given attention by the Creator of heaven and earth. How do Micah’s words confirm what was revealed to his servants, the prophets?

In the last article, we pointed out how the time periods that Daniel presented in his book gradually came true. I noticed one negative reaction and certainly more people were….

Reflections on the words of the Apostle Paul what he actually wrote in the first letter to Thessaloniki in the fourth chapter. What tube is he talking about? Will there be another 7 years of tribulation, as some preachers suggest? A very important warning I received tonight.

In the social space, discussions take place between those who believe in the coming of Yehoshua Christ, and there are several disputes, and one of them is one in which….